About Us

Ideolon (formerly Acuitty Consultant) was born in    conjunction with the pharmaceutical boom in the 2016. Rooted in the mission of demystifying global compliance, we have empowered pharmaceutical companies worldwide  by offering a suite of our GxP consulting  services. Acuitty Consultant started off mainly focusing on quality compliance. Within a few years we received our ISO 9001:2015 certification and ventured into fields such as GMP audits, due diligence audits, pre-inspection audits etc. After having spent 7 years in the industry and conducting more than thousands of projects in 15+ countries, we are cognisant of our specialization, which is, providing bespoke solutions that are ideal for each customer’s requirements. Thus, reflecting our core competency we are re-named Ideolon.

What do we do

Audit Library

Swift access to Asia’s largest audit report library and exclusive availability for reserved audit slots

GMP Audit Service

Comprehensive range of audits is designed to guarantee that what you receive is with highest standards and safe.

Quality Consulting

From early phase, commercialization or Pharmacovigilance we. Simplify complexities of Global GxP Regulatory requirements

Computer Validation System

Latest risk-based approaches from CSV to CSA we ensure our customers are anytime inspection ready.

How we add value

End to end process

We offer end-to-end on-ground operations that ensure foolproof excellence at every juncture.

Industry expertise

Our team of experts having an average industry experience of 17 years possess an in-depth understanding of converting intricate regulatory language into practical and enduring transformations.

Global presence

With strategically located offices in 4 countries and experts in 15 countries, our global presence ensures delivering high quality solutions locally.

Customized solutions

Our diverse team of experts enable us to offer customized solutions based on individual needs.

Our Values

Our organizational ethos is built upon uncompromising quality, accountability, and unwavering transparency. These core values permeate every facet of our services, whether it is partnering with emerging clients or industry-leading global generics corporations. Our organization’s work culture is quite the melting pot. We are an organisation that not only prizes professional industry experience but is also always on the lookout for ideas from fresh minds. We unflinchingly adhere to regulatory norms but are flexible in tailor making our services according to customer needs.

Why Ideolon?


Our commitment to ingenuity empowers us to craft bespoke solutions for each client’s unique compliance challenges.


Our illustrious experts elevate our clients’ compliance journeys to a level of distinction.


Our extensive industry experience and client centric approach ensures delivery of immaculate compliance solutions.

Our Culture

The culture we are trying to embody is one that strives towards continuous improvement for ourselves, our clients, and the pharmaceutical industry at large. We believe in RESPECT


we ensure that every effort you put in is acknowledged and celebrated by both our leadership and the company.


We believe that providing the right tools, support, stage and autonomy not only ignites your potential but also fuels our collective success.


Stability isn't just about securing a position but lies in the assurance we provide in nurturing your growth and creating an environment of trust


Our culture of positivity ensures that challenges are met with solutions and collaboration is powered by smiles.


We encourage exploring new perspectives, technologies, and challenges. This exposure nurtures skills and ensures that you're always at the forefront of industry.


We don't just seek competence,we nurture it. Our culture is a breeding ground for skills development, professional growth, and the pursuit of excellence that's ingrained in everything we do.


We celebrate successes as a united team, ensuring that every achievement, big or small, is cherished.